The Green Party faces the major threats of our time – the climate crisis, economic instability, increasing militarism and a growing gap between rich and poor – with clear-eyed realism. It offers practical solutions – down-to-earth policies.

We want to engage Canadians in the positive changes essential to providing a livable world to our children.

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Transportation Road
It’s time for a smart economy: new jobs, fresh ideas, smart growth, and real prosperity.



Oil Patch: Protecting existing jobs
in the industry, creating new jobs by upgrading and refining existing production,
and providing skills training for workers.



Ottawa Parliament
It’s time for true democracy: every vote counts, and government is about bringing us together as Canadians.


Detailed Policy Information


The Green Party blueprint for the kind of Canada we want and how we get there from here.



The Green Party regularly releases documents presenting the Party policy on current issues. The latest publications are archived here.