If I am elected to represent Okanagan-Similkameen-Nicola as your MP, I pledge to accept the annual wage of a mid-rank Canadian soldier. The remaining wage as an MP I will direct to a fund that accumulates, matching funds from people and organizations to install solar panels on various buildings within the riding. I want this pledge to meet the expectations of responsible Canadians and assist in the necessary transition in Canada to a new energy economy.


During the 2011 federal election in the riding of West Vancouver-Sunshine Coast-Sea-to-Sky Country, I also was the only candidate to accept a challenge from fellow candidate Roger Lagasse. He was concerned about the role Canada plays in international affairs and military conflict. The challenge made to our constituents was that MPs would only accept the wage of a Canadian soldier while using the remaining wages to fund programs in the riding. This same pledge was offered to the constituents of Calgary Midnapore, in 2016 when Jason Kenney was Minister of Defence, vying to remain in Parliament. In 2019, the pledge was extended to the people of Burnaby South, where Jagmeet Singh won the election. Mr. Singh while busy positioning himself and his party as the better choice, also ignored the challenge.

The program to be funded in our riding is to install solar panels on viable public buildings in the riding, using matching funds from people and businesses to build solar capacity. This is my commitment to the people of this riding and Canada and to the energy transition The Greens will make; an economy based on renewable resources and sustainable investment.

Aside from this pledge, I also pledge to:
Treat all people with integrity and respect.
Publish all MP expenses openly on my website
Never to take part in unruly behaviour in the House of Commons.
Make the voters of Okanagan-Similkameen-Nicola proud of their role in Canadian democracy. 

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