If Brennan is elected to represent Burnaby South as your MP, he pledges to only accept the annual wage of a mid-rank Canadian soldier. The remainder of his wage as an MP will be directed to a fund that accumulates matching funds from people and organisations in the riding to install solar panels on buildings in the riding. Brennan wants this pledge to meet the expectations of responsible Canadians and assist in the necessary transition in Canada to a new energy economy.


In the 2011 federal election Brennan Wauters was the Green Party of Canada candidate in the riding of West Vancouver-Sunshine Coast-Sea-to-Sky Country. At that time Brennan was the only candidate to accept a challenge from fellow candidate Roger Lagasse who was concerned about the role Canada plays in international affairs and military conflict. The challenge to the electorate was for the elected MP to accept the wage of a standing Canadian soldier if elected to represent constituents while using the remaining personal wage of an MP to fund programs in the riding. This same pledge was offered to the constituents of the riding of Calgary Midnapore in 2016 where Jason Kenney was Minister of Defence vying to remain in Parliament. Now in 2019, this same pledge extends to people in the riding of Burnaby South. The program to be funded in Burnaby with the remaining portion of Brennan’s personal MP wage is for the installation of solar panels on viable public buildings in the riding using matching funds from people and businesses of the riding to build solar capacity. This is Brennan’s personal commitment to the people of Burnaby and Canada and to the energy transition The Greens will make an economy based on renewable resources and smart investment.

Aside from this pledge, Brennan also pledges to:

  1. Conduct himself with integrity and treat people with respect
  2. Publish all MP expenses openly on his website
  3. Conduct himself with civility and to never heckle in the House
  4. Work tirelessly for the constituents of Burnaby South while keeping their interests and the well-being of Canadians and the planet paramount
  5. Make the voters of Burnaby South proud of their role in Canadian democracy

2 thoughts on “The PLEDGE

  1. Cindy Barron says:

    You are invited to our Calgary-Midnapore Candidates Forum
    Monday September 14, 2:00p.m. at Lake Bonavista Village
    11800 Lake Fraser Dr. S.E.
    This forum will not be a debate. We will offer each candidate, picked at random, approximately 15 minutes to speak to and answer questions from the residents who reside in our senior’s retirement community. After, you are welcome to stay for refreshments in our Bistro and have more one on one conversation with our staff and residents.
    Please confirm you attendance to Cindy Barron by email: rec.asst.lbv@verveseniorliving.com or by calling 403-258-1849 ext. 619
    We look forward to hearing from you!


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