Final Ask before October 21st

If you are a voter in Burnaby-South, you are safe to vote GREEN.

If you know people who are leaning Green but are uncertain, please pass along this message to anyone who would like some guidance. And further, pass this message along to anyone who is interested or who might want to know what I stand for and what the Green Party of Canada is about.

Imagine yourself an 18-year-old first time voter…, and then further imagine yourself at age 48 in the year 2050. You have children, you may have grandchildren arriving soon. Your work is fulfilling, exciting and provides for your family’s needs. On typical day you walk out of your house and an autonomous electric vehicle pulls up to take you to work. In transit you scroll through your participatory democracy app voting on various municipal, provincial and federal legislative and budgetary initiatives. On the radio you hear that the Wild Salmon return of 2050 is the most successful on record. Moreover you know that the Southern resident Orca population is the largest in number and healthiest we have ever seen, the bird population has recovered to normal and diverse levels, the economy is booming, opportunity exists everywhere, and Canada’s global trade in value-added products has never been better. Most importantly, the world’s coastlines are geographically exactly as they were in 2019.

The Green Party of Canada has a plan to get you to that vision of 2050.  It is the only plan that outlines a careful, graduated, and costed sector-by-sector reduction in our fossil fuel dependency while ensuring at the same time we build the electrical infrastructure necessary to arrive at a zero-carbon economy in 2050; we have a plan for a clean green prosperous economy. It is an intentional, considered plan that allows us to arrive at a place of peace, prosperity, ecological regeneration, and cooperation all while ensuring as safe future. It is the plan that can abate species extinction and guarantee if you bring a child into the world, they will have a better chance at exceeding the fineries of your own life.

I am so committed and invested in that plan to get you and your family to that vision of 2050 that I am offering the citizens of Burnaby South a unique proposition: As your representative at the federal level I will sacrifice my personal wage as an MP and only accept the wage of a mid-ranking Canadian Soldier in solidarity with our national defence responsibilities AND because the average median income of Burnaby South resides at approximately the same level. Any remaining wage provided to me above this median amount will be used to initiate the installation of solar panels on public buildings in the riding in cooperation with individuals and institutions in the riding.  I am committed and invested to show you that this necessary transition is an opportunity. I work directly in the energy industry reducing people’s energy needs and increasing energy production capacity. There is no end in site for the work and opportunity ahead. With your vote on October 21st, we will see that vision of 2050 arrive.

Thank you for taking the time to consider what the future must be.


Brennan Wauters, BA, MA, CEM

Candidate, Green Party of Canada – 43 General Election, October 21st 2019

Riding: Burnaby South (see:


Cell: 604-727-4694, call or text anytime


Dream Big; vote Brennan Wauters on October 21st, 2019

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