Meet Brennan – Pre-Election Drop In Meeting

There’s one last chance to meet Brennan face-to-face, before election day! Take this opportunity to solidify your choice of a Green MP in Calgary Midnapore on Sunday, October 18th, 6:30pm at the Windsor Rose.

This is a drop-in event so you are not obliged to show up at 6:30PM – come whenever you please. Appetizers will be served. Bring friends who are undecided. Questions and challenges to Green policy and Brennan’s position are welcome.

Please feel free to circulate this event. We need help getting the word out that we are offering an open and honest political choice.

Brennan’s pledge to forego 2/3 of his personal MP wage to install solar panels on public buildings in the riding is a sincere and poignant promise. This offer to citizens is unmatched and must be examined for what it is: a sacrifice of solidarity. Solidarity with people challenged by the current economic situation, with people concerned about climate change, with people concerned about our current government and their insistence on military aggression over rational conscientious and compassionate concern for our global family. The economy is the message and a new energy paradigm will ensure Alberta’s long term security and wealth.

Brennan will bring bi-weekly town hall meetings to gather citizens together to direct the decisions and initiatives undertaken in our riding. Efforts to re-invigorate democracy will will create a new faith in our government. Brennan is mandated by the Green Party of Canada platform to prioritize Calgary Midnapore citizens; constituents first. Together we will eliminate hyper-partisanship in government and offer meaningful dialogue for citizens to improve their lives in Calgary. Cooperation is the future and it will be the only way we are able to solve our problems.

We welcome citizen engagement and the creation of equality to all citizens of Calgary Midnapore.

Your vote counts!

Please feel free to call if you have any questions.