Investing in the Future

Education is crucial. The students of today will be the number one force behind a strong future Alberta. Today’s economy needs people to be educated in fields that are needed now but we need to do more to make education more accessible for the challenges of tomorrow.

Part of the Green Party platform is that tuition should be free for universities and colleges. This would help take the burden off of the future engineers and doctors that will be needed to diversify Alberta’s economy and assist Canada’s aging population. It will also take the weight off of those working hard to learn a trade. Time as a journeyman can be spent more focused on learning and honing skills and less on worrying about student debt. College and university debt does nothing for the future and it should be eliminated.

Like all Calgarians, Brennan is a big supporter of education. Having worked in academia and the trades he knows the need for all kinds of expertise. Calgary is home to quality institutions like Saint Mary’s, MRU, the U of C, SAIT that have the opportunity to do more if we give students the chance to reach their potential unburdened. An educated population creates a greater value economy, high quality industry and higher paying jobs. It’s a system that pays for itself and has direct financial payoffs in the homes of every family single family across the country with a future graduate.

Brennan With Future Leaders
Brennan With Future Leaders

Learning starts at an early age. More investment is needed in our school systems before university. Canada is doing well but not as well as it could in world education rankings. More teachers would mean smaller class sizes and boost the next generation into a brighter future.