Putting Constituents First

Brennan Wauters at Running on Climate Premiere

There is a troubling trend that has quietly overtaken Ottawa. While the Conservatives have received criticism on the issue, NDP and Liberals are equally as guilty. The problem is that MPs are expected to represent (and vote with) the party they are part of even if that means promoting legislation that is detrimental to the riding any one MP serves, and in some cases, detrimental to all of Canada.

The Green Party stands against that practice. A Green Party candidate is your candidate first. Brennan and his colleagues in Calgary believe that it their job first and foremost to represent you. The Green Party is well known for it’s grass roots support and initiatives. Brennan will keep with that tradition if elected to represent Calgary Midnapore.

Along with his pledge to spend approximately 2/3rds of his personal MP wage installing solar panels on public buildings in the riding. He also has plans to have regular town hall meetings. These will be held bi-weekly so communication on what matters is taken care of directly.  Jason Kenney, if elected, is unlikely to serve the riding like Brennan will. This month you are welcome to join the discussion on Oct. 8th at the Acadia Community Centre for the riding’s all-candidates event.

Brennan will also undertake a number of democratic Calgary Midnapore initiatives that will interest voters in supporting Brennan this election.

Brennan will be hosting community events to boost community projects. Once such initiative will be to encourage everyone in the riding to join him in a project called The Great Climate Race. It’s a weekly Friday 5-7km run to raise funds for the installation of solar panels on facilities that house non-profit organizations in the riding. It also keeps everyone’s personal health in top shape while helping Alberta diversify the energy economy at the same time– all this will help the environment. Win, win, win!

Brennan will also sponsor a number of workshops to help people start and maintain small businesses in the riding. It’s an initiative that will be held in conjunction with present Government of Canada programs, but will be offered to a broader audience.

Citizens will see very active public engagement. As Brennan says “I’m here for the riding first”.

There are also big issues to tackle. Infrastructure such as the ring road needs to be completed. The Green line of the LRT must be completed to bring easy and efficient public transportation to South Calgary. As well, whether located in the riding or not, Calgary needs a leading cancer hospital.

Brennan Wauters Green Speaking
Brennan speaking at a Calgary event.

Brennan understands that education can be inspiring and is one of the greatest methods of creating value for the commons. Brennan would like to teach a course on the topic of Energy and Politics. This might take place at St. Mary’s University College or via our riding’s community centres and organizations.  This would provide people with sources and ideas to formulate their own strategies for political and economic engagement that aligns with the values of sustainability and bettering our standard of living. Regular speakers will be invited to the riding to engage in issues and topics intended to improve Calgary, and the people of Alberta.
The whole Calgary Midnapore team thanks you all for your emails and comments in the past few weeks. As usual, Brennan encourages you to contact him with your thoughts and questions. He will reply personally.  Also if you want a chance to take part please join one of our events

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