Inspiration: meeting the students in Calgary Midnapore

Today was one of the most inspiring days on the campaign. I was provided the opportunity to talk to the students at both École de la Source in the Acadia community and Nickle School in the Bonavista area. I was reminded why I have made the commitment to use almost 2/3 of my personal MP wage to install solar panels on schools in the riding. These children need to be offered the opportunity my generation had and they need to be guided with love and care towards a better world of equality, health, kindness, compassion, and understanding. Tolerance is like any relationship, it requires work and reminders. I was deeply humbled to hear the questions that were on these students’ minds. The questions were sophisticated, well thought out, and in some cases, powerful. These students care deeply about the environment. They care about people in need, about people in poverty and the future of our economic and ecological success. They need to be given all the tools they require so they may live fulfilling lives and be offered the opportunity to help others. They will be the people who fix our mistakes and our legacy will define their options. That is why it is important to vote in this election. These students are a blessing and make all the hard work worthwhile.