Billboards & Bulbs as the Campaign Lights Up

Brennan Wauters BillboardOften elections use the same time proven methods to let neighbours show other neighbours whom they support.  There’s a lot to say for the classic ways but we also wanted to add something different this time around. Our idea is for you to show your support in a way that is more ecologically sound than a lawn sign; we’re asking you to install a Green LED light in your porch light until the election is over. We’ll provide you with a Green LED  as a gift for a $20 dollar donation to our campaign – please contact us and request one and we’ll bring it directly to you. The Green LED light bulbs go into any traditional light socket. We are simply using a Green filter over a normal bulb, so once the election is over, the filter can be removed and recycled: you are then left with a low energy, high efficiency LED that does not get hot and that can be used anywhere. Or if you want to continue using it for Halloween, then Christmas, and then Spring – green lights might make it easier to recall what the summer looks like in the winter season! Brennan will be giving green LEDs to those who offer a $20 donation to the Calgary-Midnapore campaign.

The election feels like it’s just around the corner and it’s really picking up speed as the finish line comes within sight. The team has been busy and Brennan has been organising and meeting people non-stop.  For those of you that would like lawn signs, our first batch is in! Please get in contact with Brennan on his Facebook page or via Green Party’s Get a Sign form if you would like one for your front yard. Even better, unlike other candidates, Brennan is always on the other end of this phone number: 587 889 8978. Call and ask questions, make suggestions, and make your voter experience personal. We are excited to help you show your support!