Diversify Energy to Ensure a Stable Economy

Calgary-Midnapore is a riding where people have invested in their homes; that means paying regularly scheduled mortgages and relying upon a reasonable and steady increase in the value of their homes. That’s why in Alberta we have to diversify the economy to compensate for the times when the price of oil descends. There are many options for us to ease the times when crude prices fluctuate at the lower end of the price spectrum, including agriculture and alternative energy production. Our economy, managed properly, would have prominently featured diversifying energy production long ago.

Experience in wind and solar projects.

Now is the time to undertake such a task – the price of oil is low and people need work to continue to pay the mortgages on their primary life investment. And this investment is minimal in comparison to the investment required by the petroleum industry. In this election I’m bringing attention to this underutilised opportunity to diversify our economy and will put my money where my mouth is to demonstrate to the citizens of Calgary Midnapore that the shift to a new energy economy in Calgary is both possible and financially viable. What I have offered voters is that if I am elected, I will use the majority of my personal wage as an MP to install solar panels on public buildings in the riding. It’s a industry I have a lot of experience in and I am passionate about making it happen. Imagine for a moment, every single house in Chaparal, Midnapore, Deer Run, or Acadia producing electricity from solar panels. Urban retrofits like this increase equity in homes, energy bills are reduced, and the economy gains a tool of resilience that we need to weather the fluxuations in our primary industry. Embarking on options like this now will provide jobs up to , and beyond, the point in time when oil prices return to reasonable levels. It’s going to take some time before the prices rise again, but now is this moment we must safeguard our life-long investments. Improving our housing in Calgary with Energy Efficient retrofits will create jobs. Like the Green Party itself it’s a plan that should appeal to fiscal conservatives and citizens with environmental sensibilities at the same time.