What Brennan Stands For

As many know, the Greens are not conformists and do not impose conformity as a principle of democracy. Hence, it is here that Brennan provide you with a few issues he holds in high regards and feels needs to be the responsibility of any MP for Calgary Midnapore. These issues probably come as no surprise to those who are already Green supporters:

Democracy requires an overhaul: proportional representation is one step in the right direction. Brennan believes in principles such as participatory economics and empowerment though distributed localization of decision making and implementation.

Use petroleum to get off of petroleumthis axiom must be brought to the political discourse as a necessity, not an option – the bringing together of people to direct the efforts of government and industry in this regard is paramount to what Brennan has to offer.

Help the tech sector thrive in Calgary – there is no doubt that the digital revolution and science are significant parts of how humanity will resolve our global ecological crisis. It will also help diversify the local economy and cushion it from oil’s ups and downs.

Guaranteed annual income: is a necessary piece of the puzzle to gain control of the seemingly uncontrollable environmental problems that are taking place and are ongoing.

A nation-wide public enquiry into missing and murdered indigenous woman and children – and as part of that a thorough examination of the legal and punitive system is necessary for our country to carry forward.

Reconciliation and restorative justice for indigenous peoples across Canada .

Educational programs need to be created and supported that promote and encourage notions of equality, gender equality, financial equality, etc. and how better to empower people about their rights and responsibilities as it pertains to personal security and safety, happiness, personal fulfilment and health.

Urban & Sustainable Agriculture: A supported network and wide-ranging education programs are needed to encourage and incentivize the building of urban agriculture.  Urban CSA’s could put Calgary at the forefront of the food revolution. Brennan wants to see greenhouses everywhere in Calgary. Sustainable agriculture should be promoted and bettered in Canada.

A better construction industry: Brennan is a member of two technical unions and his experience has defined his commitment to making certain that the construction and de-construction industries are supporting cradle-to-cradle policies and practices.

These are just a few issues that Brennan wishes to address as MP for Calgary Midnapore. Brennan is a member of the Green Party of Canada not because he’s interested in gaining power but because he’s  interested in sharing in collaboration.

Brennan, 604-727-4694