Vote strategically – Vote Green

If you’re Green and thinking about Strategic Voting – take the pressure off of yourself and Vote Green in the riding of West Vancouver Sunshine Coast Sea to Sky Country.

Strategic voting in WV-SC-S2S is not going to make a difference in our riding relative to the large number of people that have already decided their vote. That is why our riding is not designated a “swing” riding; or rather a riding poised to beat the Conservatives. The reason no one is in a good position to beat the Cons in our riding is because the Cons are running the incumbent, and because the only single candidate of the current slate that ran in the last election is Mr. Weston. Does anyone see that in our riding of WV-SC-S2S we are better off voting for our heart felt choice?

There are about 97 or 98 thousand eligible voters in WV-SC-S2S. Last election in 2008 there were 60 677 votes cast out of 95 764 eligible voters. The results-breakdown from 2008:

Cons 26 949 (44.56 %)

Lib 16 069 (26.57%)

NDP 8 728 (14.43%)

Greens 8 723 (14.42%)

If you’re Green better to park your vote Green and use it as leverage when you want to write a letter to the MP and tell him what you want relative to the vote. The candidate that wins is going to pay attention to the numbers of people who did not vote for him and say, “where’s my greatest threat to lose the next election?” What I’m saying in our riding is that if you are Green, vote Green. There is simply too large a numbers spread to make certain that the Cons are going to get dumped. While Mr. Weston and I have philosophical differences, he is accessible and I have a great deal of respect for him. He’s running for the wrong party.

The problem I have with the Liberals is that they feel they are entitled to power because the massive shift in consciousness that we need right NOW has not happened yet. They still believe that they can win this election based on ethics alone. That is why they concentrate so much on “integrity” and don’t concentrate on policy, ideas, hopes, possibilities. To vote Liberal is to vote for Conservative; they are two sides of the same coin, they both believe they are entitled to power.

The Greens must keep up the pressure on the system to push us all in the right direction. That direction is a low energy future with conservation as the top priority. It means concentrating on healthy and bonded communities… these are things people are going to do regardless of the insanity of our currently and soon to be elected leaders. The work is in our hands regardless of the larger infrastructure that is working against us in all ways by continuing to advance a false and deadly narrative of economic growth on a limited planet resulting in climate change and the compromise of our better chances. If the Greens in this riding came in second I guarantee Mr. Weston would pay attention.

Again, simply look at the numbers from the last election and realize that there is no spread between the NDP and Greens, and a massive spread between the Liberals and Conservatives.

In the last election the only party that increased its vote share was the Green Party. We have to rely upon the rest of the country to do their job of getting rid of Mr. Harper, but in our riding of WV-SC-S2S, we have a completely different job to do.

I’d be open to being convinced of something different so please let me know your thoughts.  Making a group decision to spread the word is also important, but our networks only reach so far in a short period of time. Someone would have to have such sway over West Vancouver that they’d have to be on the order of a messiah to swing the West Vancouver vote. Mr. Weston has suggested that he wants to see more Federal seats in BC and I assume that means splitting the riding – it would certainly make his job easier in West Vancouver because the bulk of Conservative opposition is on the Sunshine Coast and Sea-to-Sky Country.

There is not going to be radical change in our riding in this election (in the country, perhaps, but not in the riding). I have to insist, Vote Green.


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