Challenge from Progressive Canadian candidate, Roger Lagassé

I want to take up Mr. Lagasse’s proposal that any MP that is elected to office cut their salary to that of a soldier. I am going to accept Mr. Lagasse’s proposal, but with a qualifying condition. I will accept the wage of a sitting MP and will distribute that wage in the riding for specific projects of my choosing. Meaning I will accept the wage, but provide funding to riding groups and projects up to the amount a soldier makes. That means, distribute my wage to specific projects in the riding. In this way I take up Mr. Lagasse’s offer while making certain any money received gets put back into the riding itself. I know that this money will be well worth providing to specific important projects in the riding that will have lasting benefits for all.

4 thoughts on “Challenge from Progressive Canadian candidate, Roger Lagassé

  1. Victor says:

    That’s pretty cool.
    It was good to see you in Whistler, I’m glad I decided to go and listen to the candidates speak.
    Huge props for providing honest and direct answers and staying away from the typical talking points that were coming from the Liberal and Conservative candidates while they kept bickering with eachother.
    You got my vote!


  2. Brennan says:

    Just had a thought too – might be necessary to state that I think this money that comes from such a challenge will have to be distributed in some kind of participatory economic fashion. Having the problem of how to fairly and communally distribute such funds would be a good problem to have.


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