West Vancouver Outlook answers that didn’t get published

The first round of questions to candidates did not include me because they didn’t ask me in time. So to answer the questions that are detailed in this article, I offer my answers to the public as well.

Here is the original article:


Here are my answers:

1. What are the main election issues facing the residents of North Vancouver?

By clear voter selection, the main single issue facing the residents of the entire North Shore which spans two electoral districts is the economy. This issue is mirrored in the Canadian national consciousness. My short answer is something that people understand and agree with immediately: A healthy economy is predicated on a healthy environment. Having a healthy environment is like money in the bank – you can retain confidence in your capabilities to adjust and be flexible with unexpected changes in your life. A monetary buffer to assist decision making is crucial to avoid mistakes that will compromise your wellbeing and the wellbeing of others.

2. How will you ensure that these issues will be addressed by the federal government?

Ensuring that these issues will be addressed at the federal level is like managing an election campaign – you conduct research and outreach, you seek consultation from as wide a range of divergent interests as possible, you phone up your friends and supporters and seek strategic connections to gain information and judge where best to apply limited resources to convince the wider public and stakeholders (who “lever pull”) to consider advantageous action for your cause by getting them to think their actions are their own volition.

3. How would you explain politics to your eight-year-old niece or nephew?

This is the best question possible because the primary motivation I and my supporters insist upon is to ensure that we leave a liveable planet to our children and children’s children. Our efforts and actions now determine the legacy we leave our children. I tend to agree with Gabor Mate, children are still in cognitive development well into adolescence, so keep it short and simple: “Politics is the way we make friends.”