Brennan Wauters & Green Party Leader Elizabeth May
Brennan Wauters & Green Party Leader Elizabeth May

Green Party of Canada is distinct in that we are bound to focus on our constituents, not the dictates of the party as has been demonstrated in our current parliament. Brennan’s intention for the riding is to provide unprecedented transparency and options for citizen involvement in the decisions and topics discussed in the Parliament of Canada. Like the political imperative to localize economics, The Green Party of Canada is also localizing democracy.

Brennan is an Assocation of Energy Engineers Certified Energy Manager and BC electrician specializing in alternative energy. He has installed many solar photovoltaic system in BC as well as contributing to industrial wind turbine production facilities in BC and Alberta. Brennan brings knowledge of the environment to everything he undertakes for the betterment of Canadians and future generations.

Brennan Wauters has been an energy and environmental activist since graduating from McGill University with a Master’s degree in Communications. Brennan’s professional life focuses on the new economy based on alternative energy and preserving Canada’s environmental wealth. Brennan also seeks to ensure that equality is given priority in Canadian society as well as ensuring that care to Canadians who are vulnerable or in need is provided while at the same time building a system that prevents Canadians from such adversity. Brennan’s involvement in education has equipped him with the ability to seek consensus in problem solving while respecting and validating different opinions, values, and experiences of people from diverse backgrounds. He has kept a focus on working with youth and young people, believing that alternatives to the current system will have noticeable benefits for youth, indigenous peoples, newly-arrived citizens, and future generations of Canadians.


4 thoughts on “Brennan Wauters, Burnaby-South, Green Party of Canada

  1. Catherine H says:

    I’m for Green on principle. I hope enough are elected to be a sharp thorn in the side of whomever forms a majority because I’m convinced that survival is more important than money.


    1. brennanwauters says:

      Survival is more important than money and that is why I have consistently discussed the idea that energy and a unit of energy tells us more about a project or decision than any financial tabulation will provide. I’m hoping a number are elected as well for the very same reason. Regardless, as the intensity of the climate crisis intensifies people will start paying attention to what we have to say – it might be too little, too late though. Thank you for reaching out.


  2. Paul McGown says:

    I’m a green party supporter but am disappointed by your biographic profile on
    Many of the sentences are too long (more than 25 words) and contain more than one point. For example:
    “Aside from many solar photovoltaic installation in BC, he is also a Wind Turbine Technician and brings knowledge of the environment to everything he undertakes for the betterment of Canadians and future generations.”
    This sentence sounds “ESL” in origin and does not reflect an education or graduation with a degree in communications! If you don’t sweat the little things like grammar and style in what amounts to a CV for a job, you won’t getting hired or elected. No insult intended ; I’m on your side.


    1. brennanwauters says:

      Hi Paul, I’ll circle back and change the text this evening. There also seems to be some confusion about my pledge to the people to sacrifice my MP wage as a token of my solidarity with people who live in the riding. Keep an eye on the page and let me know what you think.


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